If an item has a caution on the label, it is toxic! “Exactly what is the cumulative result on our
health after utilizing lots of, lots of items which contain percentages of hazardous toxic

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Investing every night breathing vapors from chemical toxins in the bed mattress or pillow and sleeping in between sheets cleaned in toxin, a common U.S. male may begin the day grooming with a shower, shave, and utilizing perfumes in a confined location utilizing items consisting of harmful active ingredients; -LRB- ***)

he then gowns with clothing cleaned in toxin. Inning accordance with the United States Federal government and the item producers, the following is just a partial list of chemical toxins discovered in individual care items, not typical home cleaners, that are breathed in and soaked up by the body prior to you even consume breakfast! “Do you believe these toxins might likewise trigger our kids to have an illness?”

What number of these items do you utilize?

Item KNOWN Harmful Components
_______ Bed mattress & & Pillow 1,4,7,8
_______ Air freshener 4
_______ Bath Soap or Body Wash * 4
_______ Hair Hair shampoo 3,4,5,6,7,8
_______ Hair Conditioner 1,3,4,8
_______ Skin Cream or Cream 1,4,8
_______ Shaving Cream 1,3,4,5,6,7,8
_______ Aftershave Cream 3,4,8
_______ Skin Rash/Acne Medication 1,4,8
_______ Moisturizers 1,4,8
_______ Antiperspirant 1,3,4,5,6,7,8
_______ Perfume 1,4,5,7,8
_______ Underarm Antiperspirant 1,4,5,7,8
_______ Hair Spray 1,4,7,8
_______ Tooth paste 1,4,6,7,8
_______ Mouthwash 4,7
_______ Foot Antiperspirant Powder * 4,5,6,8
_______ Plastic Glass to wash mouth 4,6,8
_______ Laundry Cleaning agent * 1,3,4,5,6,8
_______ Material Conditioner 3,4,5, 7
_______ Chlorine Bleach 1,2
_______ Dry Cleaned Clothing 1,7
_______ Womanly Products:
_______ Cosmetics (lipstick, rouge, etc) 1,3,4,5,7,8
_______ Antiperspirant Sanitary Napkins 4,7
_______ Fragrances 1,4,7,8
_______ Facial Cleanser 3,4,8
_______ Nail Polish 4,5,7,8

Unfavorable Health Impacts (partial list)


1 Alcohols-Acid & & Alkali: rashes, muscle weak point, headaches, cramps, disorientation,
anxiety, coughing, breathing issues, lightheadedness, nerve damage, vision issues, sleeping issues, anemia, organ damage, tiredness, heart damage, cancer, death.

2 Chlorines: headaches, psychological function troubles, intestinal and urinary system
breakdowns, lung and heart problem, kid advancement issues, and more.

3 Detergents/Emulsifiers: Strip skin of protective oils, skin and scalp eruptions, disturbance with nutrient absorption, loss of hair, response, cataract development, organ damage, reproductive damage, loss of sight, cancer.

4 Artificial Scent & & Dyes: allergies, skin rashes, indigestion, muscular pains and discomforts, violent coughing, headaches, lightheadedness, psychological behavioral issues, leukemia, Hodgkin’s, reproductive damage, anxiety, cancer.

5 Heavy Metals: Stomach cramps, queasiness, muscle, joint and bone discomfort, muscle weak point, mouth sores, cancer, motor troubles, decreased intelligence, brain conditions, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, psychological conditions, body immune system conditions, ADD, hereditary damage, aging.

6 Pesticides & & Fungicides: Tiredness, muscle, and joint discomfort, stomach cramps, nerve system conditions, sleeping disorders, amnesia, swelling of body parts, lightheadedness, hereditary anomalies, birth flaws, gland growths, organ damage, cancers, death.

7 Petrochemicals: prevent skin functions, pimples, rashes, splitting nails, the level of sensitivity to the sun, headaches, early aging, allergies, anxiety, tiredness, digestive gas, asthma, breathing failure, body immune system conditions.



8 Preservatives (artificial): headaches, skin rashes, eye damage, asthma, breathing issues, growths, cancer, gastrointestinal issues, psychological confusion, organ damage, muscle weak point && cramps, loss of motor control, joint discomfort, reproductive damage, and so on

• Anti-bacterial items: Include harmful pesticides and fungicides as active ingredients that develop severe health threats.

When utilizing typical home cleaners in the shower, on mirrors, toilet, and so on, you breathe in and soak up an entire brand-new variety of harmful chemicals that can harm the organs, eyes, main, anxious, and breathing systems.

Day after day, week after week, every year, individuals might be uninformed they are being exposed to many harmful chemicals discovered in typical, daily home and individual care items. On their own there is a factor for an issue, however, when you integrate them in your body, there is need to stress. Option: Change harmful individual care items with safe, natural Young Living Products.

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