Essential oils in aromatherapy are extremely concentrated and powerful. Essential oils can have an adverse result on the skin if utilized undiluted. Though there are some essential oil exceptions that can be utilized straight on the skin. It is perfect to water down essential oils with carrier oils.

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Carrier oils are of a veggie origin having extremely healing potential.. Drawn out from nuts and seeds by cold pushing as this procedure does not ruin the important fat acids & vitamins material.

Carrier oils supply much-required lubrication enabling hands to move easily over the skin, assisting with the absorption of essential oils into the body. Carrier oils are light, nonsticky and efficiently permeate the skin. They must be 100% pure, unrefined and cold pushed.

1 drop of essential oil = 1 tsp of carrier oil for 1% dilution. 2 drops essential oil to 1 tsp of carrier oil = 2% dilution and so on.

Frequently utilized carrier oils

– Apricot Kernel Oil – light, quickly taken in and hydrates both the body and deal with well. Includes vitamin E. Extracted from the kernel of apricot fruit, it is pale yellow in color. Vitamins A & & B assistance in recovery and invigorating skin cells. Helpful for all skin types specifically for delicate, swollen and dry skin. Exceptional oil for facial, leaving the face soft and flexible.

– Avocado Oil – Rich in lecithin, vitamins, A, D, & & E. Quickly permeates the skin, serves as sun block and assists in cell regrowth. Mix zinc oxide in half bottle of avocado oil and use on skin that is exposed to the sun. Hold-ups anti-aging as it is abundant in important fats. For extensive facial treatment for fully grown skin, improved Avocado oil is chosen as it does not have a smell.

– Grape Seed Oil – Odorless unlike a lot of oils, it is light and great for skin not taking in other oils. No oily sensation after application. A little astringent, it tightens up, tones the skin and reduces acne. A perfect carrier for body massage.

– Jojoba Oil – Among the very best oils for hair and skin. Permeates the skin rapidly, exceptional for skin nutrition. Heals swollen skin, psoriasis, eczema, or any sort of dermatitis. Controls acne, oily skin or scalp as excess sebum liquefies in jojoba. Helpful for all skin types, however blockages pores often. Great base oil for dealing with rheumatism and arthritis. Promotes healthy, radiant skin tone.

– Rosehip Oil – Called the queen of carrier oil. Great oil for cosmetic, cell regrowth avoids early skin aging and softens wrinkles. Helpful for eczema, psoriasis, PMS, and menopause. When integrated with calendula oil, it deals with stretch marks, burns or scars. Cold pushed from the seeds of increased hips, it fades yellow light texture. Fantastic provider oil for skin care.

– Sweet Almond Oil – Popular carrier oil in body massage. Lubricates and hydrates the skin. Helpful for all skin types, specifically eczema. Rapidly takes in into the skin, leaving your skin to feel soft and nonoily. Supplies remedy for itching, discomfort, dryness, swelling. Rich in proteins and vitamin D.

– Calendula Oil – an infusion of marigold flowers, renowned for its calming residential or commercial properties. Balances exceedingly oily skin can be utilized alone or mixed with almond or grape seed oil for body massage.

– Evening primrose oil – Perfect skin care oil for hydrating, softening and calming to dry and inflamed skin.

– Wheat germ oil – extremely nourishing oil with vitamin E. Perfect oil for dry, fully grown and lifeless skin.

– Sunflower oil – Utilized for facial treatments and body massage. Has great softening and hydrating residential or commercial properties.

– St. John Wort oil – Infusions from the Hypericum bush; it is exceptional for all kinds of delicate, red and aching skin.

– Coconut Oil – Perfect moisturizer for body and hands. Light, quickly absorbable into the skin offering smooth satin result. Moisturizes and conditions breakable, dull or dry hair.